About Us

Go Christian Church is an Apostolic/Prophetic church that was established by Paul and Tracy Nyamuda along with ten other world changers in April 2010. The church has since grown to a few hundred people from different ethnic groups and professional backgrounds.

We are a movement of God-honouring believers progressively discipling nations by communicating and demonstrating the Kingdom of God.

Our strategy is to transform the thinking of generations by: Making Disciples, Building Families, Raising Leaders, Establishing Churches and Transforming Society.

What we are all about:

  • a caring community of believers, always ready to meet and welcome new people
  • lovers of our God and His Presence, expressed often in lively worship and fervent prayer
  • a people hungry for the truth of God’s Word, taught in a practical manner relevant to everyday life
  • passionate about equipping people to impact and reform society in their sphere of influence

The church is led by a Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) that is consumed with a desire to see nations discipled and transformed through the redemptive, unadulterated gospel of the Kingdom. The leadership team has a strong calling to raise up a generation of effective ministers of the gospel who are equipped with a biblical worldview for all spheres of life.