University Campus Ministries

We are passionate about raising leaders and transforming societies and believe that one of the primary ways to achieve this, is through impacting university students across campuses in our city. We believe in God’s purpose for students and closely engage with them, offering 360 degree discipleship, so that they discover and walk in their God given destiny. Furthermore, our interest lies in influencing student government on campuses through leadership development.

Go Campus Ministries also prepares students for post campus life, to carry the message of reformation to the market place and equips them with tools to enable them to become integrous captains of industry and community champions. We endeavour to create strong campus ministries that will become gateways to the nations and in all this, we do remind students that life on campus is fun if lived responsibly.

We have a unique offering to students across their varied campus life stages.

For first years, this includes seminars such as:

  • Guy Meets Girl, The Campus Experience
  • Creating Authentic Community
  • The Art of Excelling in Your Studies
  • How to Positively Impact Your Campus
  • Rebuild Foundations

For second and third years the focus shifts to:

  • Relational Maturity
  • Reformation/Shapers workshops
  • Managing Your Life toolkit
  • Contemporary issues seminars

Final years are nourished with seminars on:

  • Career Choice, Understanding Corporate/ Industry Dynamics
  • Understanding Professional Etiquette
  • How to Climb Up the Corporate Ladder
  • Reforming the Domains

Student governance seminars include:

  • Crafted Conversations
  • What Successful Leaders Do Differently
  • Reformation/Shapers
  • Creating Lasting Impact on Campuses.