Go Outreach Programme

We are working alongside God to bring change to communities, meeting real people’s needs (both in the natural and spiritual), addressing real issues of today such as hunger and poverty, restoring dignity to our women and girls, showing care and nurture to children and investing in education. Ultimately we want to see these less privileged communities transformed and being able to self-sustain (and not just living from hand-out to hand-out).

Our hope is that the legacy of the love of God would go beyond “us and our own” and touch many more generations and that through all this; it would be only Jesus who is praised and glorified!!

Current Projects:

Buckets of Hope
When a child is food insecure, they are at the risk of hunger. We have partnered with Ebomini Primary School in Ivory Park, in order to identify children in the school who have a desperate need for food, which has a negative impact on their performance at school. Ultimately a child’s performance at school also impacts how they value education and how they view their future and the staying power to keep acquiring education ( a giant we need to fight in our country).

Therefore we meet with the families of these children and bless them with a bucket of basic groceries. The heart behind extending to the family is that multiple lives are touched, even those ones we will never come into contact with – our heart is to be an extension of God’s hand and where the hand of Lord reaches, is far beyond what we can see with the natural eye…

The heart for this project is to fight poverty and hunger in communities and not to allow it to keep our children from being at school…


  • Monthly – R750 a bucket
  • Donate – Reference : GOP Buckets


Child of Destiny
Child of Destiny partners with baby homes to create a place of safety. A place of safety means temporarily placing children in a home until they are adopted or re-united with parents. Currently, we are partnering with Dove Nest Place of Safety, a privately run baby home catering for newly-born babies up to toddlers’ age. The GOP Child of Destiny initiative primarily focuses on providing assistance in the form time, love, hands, as well as from time to time, running special drives to cater for their needs.

Dress a Child for School
This initiative aims to provide school uniform and shoes to children in need starting with Ebomini Primary School. We work with teachers at the school to identify the children who are in need of school uniforms and shoes.  The criterion for selecting children is purely social need, thus there are no academic requirements for any learner to get the uniform and shoes.

Care Packs for Girls
There are millions of girls who miss school every month due to not having appropriate resources for their monthly periods. The needs that these girls have extend beyond sanitary towels to basic toiletries that we sometimes take for granted. This gap not only counteracts all efforts to get our girls educated but their sense of dignity as well.

Therefore by equipping girls with the resources needed on a monthly basis, to take care of themselves not only are we restoring their dignity but we are indirectly investing in their education by buying “classroom time” during their monthlies and ultimately impacting how they see themselves.

Therefore we have created the girl packs containing the following:

A Dignity Pack – contains washable pads and panties that can be re-used. The pack can last the girls education career.

  • 2 panties
  • 3 washable pads
  • 3 sealable Bags
  • 1 drawstring bag

A Care Pack–

  • -Sanitary Towels
  • -Facecloth
  • -Soap
  • -Roll-on
  • -Small lotion


  • Dignity Pack – R105 (once a quarter, different cohorts)
  • Monthly Care Pack– R55 a Care Pack
  • Donate / purchase self