Paul Nyamuda

Paul -June 2016_editedSince 2000 Paul has led and planted a number of churches. In 2010 Paul and his wife Tracy together with a team of ten other people started Go Christian Church in Centurion, South Africa. Their assignment is to transform the thinking of generations by communicating and demonstrating the Kingdom of God. Through their apostolic and prophetic ministry many emerging leaders are experiencing life change and activation into their ministry gifts and calling.

Professionally Paul is an organisational psychologist and has a successful executive coaching business. His passion is unlocking greatness in individuals teams and organisations. He is an associate lecturer at leading business schools where he is recognized as an expert in leadership and emotional intelligence.

family-picturePaul has spoken on leadership and related issues in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, DR Congo, Egypt, UK and the USA. Coupled with this Paul has authored a number of books on Leadership, including Team leadership, Business God’s Way, Crafted Conversations and Unlocking Your Greatness. Paul has also written Conversing – Building a Healthy Marriage one Conversation at a time. He has spoken on national radio and TV on leadership issues.

Paul and Tracy reside in Centurion, with their three sons, Samuel, Jaedyn and Daniel.